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D. Anderson, CEO

Healing Academy is a hospital for people to come to and be healed. I appreciated how intimate and intentional my experience was. This changed my life!


J. Jones, LDS Specialist

Coach D and Healing Academy greatly impacted my life. I may never be able to express it with words, but I will do my best to show by the way I live!


D. Faith, Podcaster

Thank you so much for creating a safe space for us to address unaddressed traumas and issues. What makes the experience life changing is that we did not just receive information, but we were guided with effective application to become our best self!

Pick Your Path



Our e-Courses are powerful sessions that provide strategies and practical solutions for everyday life obstacles. You will be able to complete the Intensives, Courses, and Master Classes at your own pace individually or in community with others.

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Our Mentoring and Coaching Group helps leaders, families, and organizations win where it matters most! 

  • MasterMinds

  • Group Coaching

  • Accountability

  • Exclusive Content + Gear



Coaching is different from counseling being that counseling gets you to normal, but coaching develops you into peak performance. Book a Discovery Session to explore the benefits of a Coach and clarify areas in need of breakthrough personally or professionally!

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