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Start Date

April 23, 2023 @ 6PM (cst)

Why Healing Academy?

It is nearly impossible to heal in the same place you were hurt. Healing Academy is the place to experience healing from the inside. We are on a mission to help you heal, grow, and fulfill your purpose!

This E-Course includes:

  • 5 Course Sessions

  • 5 Coaching Sessions

  • 5 Workbooks

  • Transformational Community

  • Transformational Coaching

  • Transformational Content

Can I Sponsor Someone Else?

If you would like to invest in someone's Healing Journey, we have provided the opportunity for you to do so by clicking the link below and becoming Healing Academy Sponsor!

Non-Refundable. Buyer understands that once purchase price has been delivered and the securities issued, there is no rescission of this agreement and no refund will be made.

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